ACCESS-3DP is a transnational project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project aims at taking Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) as a new, disruptive technology under the umbrella of Advanced Manufacturing in order to set out frameworks to train and upskill workers in the craft and creative industries.

It is implemented by 5 different organisations in France, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

ACCESS-3DP presentation on TECOS 3D-printing Multiplier Event

ACCESS-3DP project activities are also oriented toward synergies searching among similar projects, and one of them is project SAMANTHA with Slovenian partner TECOS, a technology centre from Celje (Slovenia).

TECOS is recognised as one of the carriers of the development of Industry 4.0. and one of the leading partners in the Strategic Development Innovation Partnership SRIP Factory of the Future (SRIP FoF), working on promoting the Slovene tool-making industry and transferring the latest technologies into tool-making companies. The SAMANTHA project aims to develop a new training program that will respond to the T-shaped mismatch of needs for high-tech skills for the high-quality implementation of additive technologies in the value chains of both sectors through high-tech skilled employees. Project website:

Project SAMANTHA was concluded with a Multiplier event on 29. August 2022 on their premises, with STP as an invited speaker. STP presented the ACCESS-3DP project, with project results, such as a Report on skills mismatched between the craft and traditional industries with AM technologies, a Joint Curriculum with training paths and platform MOOC creation and future activities with the workshop in October 2022 in Yecla (Learning/Training/Teaching).

Both projects present the contribution to 3D printing knowledge transfer and upskilling among workers in the craft industry and addressing high-tech T-shaped skill gaps and are completing each other with many synergies.